Facitlites Management & Outsourcing

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stay connected with us !

Facilities Management & Outsourcing

The MNI Services team is able to assist our clients in any and all of the following capacities:

  • Rather than offer one standardized support package, we work with our clients to customize a plan that fits their unique needs and budgets
  • Whether functioning as supplementary support on overflow projects, acting as a complete IT department, or serving in any capacity in between, we specialize in a transparent process that keeps our clients in the loop; including direct access to our dedicated technicians
  • Our high client retention rate is a testament to the strength of our process. Our most valuable asset is our team - the agile, capable, and helpful people who support our clients every day

Allowing us to support all or some of your IT will allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business, with the reassurance that your IT is being supported by a team of specialists with the necessary resources to care for your systems. Other benefits include a help desk (with a specially developed call-logging database with full history reporting) for first-line support, on-site and remote support, backups and disaster recovery plans to minimise system downtime and ensure a swift response in emergencies.

Part Support

If you have some IT experience in-house but would like to supplement it with the backup of an established company providing complete solutions, we could support parts of your IT.

Full IT Support

If you have little or no expertise in-house, or may be looking to save costs, it may be beneficial to consider a full support contract. Basically, we will act as your IT department - we will provide help desk, remote and on-site support, we will look after all hardware and software installations, configurations, upgrades and changes, and we will offer consultancy, help and advice for any changes in technology which could or should affect your future plans.

In short, anything IT or communications related, we will handle it for you. We will become part of your team, acting as your IT department and building a relationship that will ensure your current and future IT requirements are covered completely.

We would be happy to discuss supporting parts of your IT in more detail.

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