Office Automation System

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Are you researching the market for an office automation system to automate everyday employee tasks and reduce operational costs? Or are you looking for a solution to improve the consistency, frequency and quality of your customer, supplier or employee communications?

TaskCentre is a powerful office automation system that enables organisations of any size to automate business processes such as:

  • Data entry
  • The creation and distribution of departmental reports
  • The handling of website generated enquiries
  • Data driven communications (email, SMS, fax, print) with customers, suppliers or internal employees
  • The enforcement of workflow authorisation procedures
  • The dynamic monitoring and reporting on the alteration of sensitive files or database fields


TaskCentre provides organisations with the ability to automate their office processes by adding the following capabilities to their existing applications

  • Advanced Business Alerts e.g. Stock alerts
  • Workflow e.g. PO authorisation
  • Integration e.g. eCommerce Integration
  • Document Automation e.g. Management reports
  • Web Content Publishing e.g. Updating of the company intranet
  • Subscriptions and Requests e.g. Balance enquiries