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MNI Services - Case Studies


The Challenge

One of our customers had, many years ago, wanted to give a salesperson access to download data into Excel and interrogate it. A job was set up on their IBM system to populate a set of data files including stock, purchase orders, and sales orders. This was then made available via an ODBC connection to the salesperson.

The customer later became aware that, with no ill intent but a lax adherence to the rules, the salesperson had begun pulling from the live files instead. When the access was originally granted the customer did not consider how they would track usage.

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The Client

Myer’s has a long and proud history dedicated to making comfortable beds dating back to 1876. Originally based in Vauxhall, South London, Myer’s continued to manufacture beds there until 1982. That year marked the moving of their facility to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire which is where they continue to make beds today.

The Situation

Myer’s Beds were looking to outsource their IBMi support, maintenance, and development.

Myer’s used a mix of:

  • JBA (System 21) software
  • Third party packages, both on and off the IBMi platform. Including payroll, Fax, label printing, and EDI functionality.
  • Bespoke programs and development

Thus, they needed a company that could work with all of these and ensure smooth interfacing. The chosen partner would also need to work with third parties to ensure Myers were able to meet contractual requirements.

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The Challenge

One of our customers had a process set up for generating CSV documents on the IBMi and emailing them to the requesting user. They wanted to improve upon this by allowing conditional formatting on a summary row.

To save time and development they wanted to continue using the existing process to generate the data, the focus was on a new process for formatting.

Microsoft 365 offer details

The Challenge 

MNIS Limited contacted the Hanseatic Union to make them aware of Microsoft’s free & discounted offerings to non-profit & charity organisations.  Taking advantage of Microsoft 365’s advanced productivity tools and data storage, document management and security solutions to help them become more flexible, streamlined and efficient.  The charity had applied in the past, but due to difficulty had postponed looking at it again until a later date. 

Following a short phone call to understand the organisation IT setup and discuss the offerings from Microsoft and how MNIS would assist. There were several issues that were impacting the organisations image, risk and efficiency that were identified. 

  • Staff were using new computers, but the version of Microsoft office was a legacy version, lacking the functionality of the latest releases, bug fixes and security updates.
  • The organisations emails were a mixture of Hotmail or Gmail accounts.  This meant that the organisation was not helping display a professional image by using a branded email address and no central manageability, leaving the organisation at security at risk.  Also, there was no facility to complete track and trace on emails sent or received. 
  • Backing up of data held on the local computers was the responsibility of the user.
  • Dropbox was being used for central file storage, it was on a subscription, but required upgrading due to the storage size.
  • Zoom was being used for online lessons and video calls in a secure and controlled environment for communication, but the calls were time limited as this was not a paid subscription. 

The biggest issue of all is that the charity had limited funds to deal with any of the above and limited time and knowledge on what was the best option going forward.   

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The Challenge

One of our customers wanted to move away from using pre-printed stationary for their delivery notes. Previously the documents were being produced as basic spoolfiles on the IBMi and output onto a dot matrix printer. 

The customer wanted to move to using a laser printer, and have the document produced on plain A4 but with the same formatting.