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Forta, formerly HelpSystems, are experts in IBM Power Systems (IBMi) solutions. MNIS are pleased to have been a partner since 2019.

There are so many solutions that Forta offer that we'd never finish this page if we tried to list them all, so here are some highlights that can help your company and that MNIS will be happy to assist you in implementing.

Security Scans

One of the main places you might've heard of Forta is their annual "State of IBM i security study".

Forta offer a free security scan, with a follow-up call to explain the results in plain English so you don't get lost in jargon. You have the option, but can choose not, to share the anonymised results to be included in the study.

The scan only takes a few minutes to run, and can be done from any desktop/laptop with access to the IBM server. You then receive a PDF (or html page if you prefer) detailing the results which is yours to keep and action as you wish.

Security Software

Of course if you find something you don't like in the scan then the question is "how do I fix it?"

Forta have a suite of utilities that can assist you to gather data, make informed decisions on how to secure your system, and continue to monitor compliance going forward.

Whether you want anti-virus, encryption, real time monitoring and alerting, multi-factor authentication, there's a package that's just right for you. Maybe you're fed up of dealing with password reset requests? There's even a program to allow self-service resets and take the hassle away from your helpdesk team.

Beyond Security

Perhaps you're already happy that everything is locked down (bar the kitchen sink) and so you have no security concerns. Well fear not, Forta can still assist you in improving your processes.

Robot Monitor and HA (High Availability) solutions can ensure that you're aware of what's happening on your system, and that in case of major problems you're in a position to recover quickly. Forta can also assist in producing your Disaster Recovery plan for just such an occasion.

Other requirements

As noted when we began there are so many different products/services that Forta offer it's entirely possible your requirement isn't listed here but they can still assist.

Why not contact us now to discuss your needs and we'll point you towards the right solution.