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Are you a charity or non-profit organisation?

Do you have an old version of Microsoft Office or are you paying for Microsoft Office?

 Do you want the latest version for free?

Microsoft 365 free for charities                            Microsoft 365 logo

If eligible, your organisation could get Microsoft 365 Premium with up to 10 free licenses. If you need additional licenses these can be purchased at a reduced rate. These licenses give you the latest desktop and online versions of the Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams etc). You also get OneDrive storage and SharePoint which allows you to store and share documents securely.

Collaboration via chat, video calls, audio calls and online meetings has never been easier when using Microsoft Teams. This is included in the free license from Microsoft. 

If you are using a Hotmail or Gmail email address for your organisation, have you considered having your organisation name as the email address? The free licenses include Microsoft’s Exchange email service. 

MNIS can, on your behalf, confirm your eligibility. For a small setup fee, we can then set up your Microsoft portal and help to get the new software installed. We can also help to move you from a Hotmail/Gmail email service to your own Microsoft Exchange email service. 

What’s in it for us? Aside from the small setup fee, we get the satisfaction of making sure those organisations who give their time and expertise, receive something in return. 

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Contact us today to start saving money on your Microsoft Office. If you'd like to hear about a real world example, read our case study on the Hanseatic Union.