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Microsoft Partnership - providing desktop, server, and office solutions

Microsoft Partnership Logo

Partnering with Microsoft allows us to provide solutions to all sectors. Whether cloud or on-premise, from email only plans to premium desktop applications and cloud servers we can tailor a package to suit you. 

Below are some brief notes on the different services we can provide or support, linking you to more detailed information on each one.

Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365

MNIS have provided Microsoft Office support to our customers for many years, when Microsoft began moving into the cloud with MS365 we likewise shifted our offerings to ensure our customers get the best solutions possible.

You can read more about our Microsoft 365 offerings, including special offers available to not-for-profit organisations.

To ensure your Microsoft 365 data is backed up, giving you peace of mind in case of the unexpected, we partner with Altaro.

Perhaps you're not ready for that jump into the cloud yet? We can continue to offer you support and services on the desktop versions of Microsoft Office. Whether you're on an older release and looking at your upgrade paths, or already on the cutting edge and just want someone to handle purchasing and installation for you. We'll make sure you never have to worry about your software requirements.

Azure Cloud servers and services

MNIS have provided servers, and support for them, to our customers since our business first started. As the world has moved on, more companies are looking at reducing their physical presence and moving into the cloud. This can reduce your hardware costs, along with operating costs for your physical premises.

Our team can provide support from the moment you consider going into the cloud. We'll discuss with you to make sure that the environment is tailored to your needs, and that it doesn't cost you more than is necessary. Once you've moved our team can monitor and maintain your new servers to ensure you get no unexpected surprises.

Interested? Our Azure Cloud page will give you all the information you need.