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Development and Support

Very rarely will a computer system meet 100% of a company’s requirements, right out of the box. Almost inevitably, some software development will be required. It may simply be a matter of producing the reports you need, or it may be a complete ERP system. Either way, we have the team of developers, and the experience of over 20 years, to design, develop and integrate the software you need to tailor applications to your business needs.

Our team of qualified programmers can design programs, databases and complete systems. Our aim is to leave the customer simple, robust, well-documented code, which will deliver high performance, easy maintenance and adaptability.

Our expertise includes the following specialisations:

  • RPG II, III, & IV
  • SQL

You can also explore the growing open source offerings on the IBM Power (IBMi) platform, no longer is your code restricted to the traditional languages. Whether PHP, Python, NodeJS, or more you can now run it on the hardware that has kept you going over the years.