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Security Software for IBMi

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Exit Point Integrator (EPI) from MNIS can protect your organisation, whether you're looking to close common access points to your system or enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Controlling Exit Points

As IBM i has evolved so has the security requirements that companies need for their systems.

IBM Power is one of the most securable servers on the market. This does not mean that it is totally secure out of the box, by using the default configuration. It needs to be configured and Exit Programs can play a key part in this configuration.

Exit programs are usually user-written programs, to expand on the functions of IBM default programs. Exit programs are registered to exit points that IBM have designed within the IBM i system. An exit program can be configured to complete multiple actions, like audit, check security, carry out tasks, and send alerts.

There are over 100 IBM exit points over areas such as:

  • System access - via FTP, ODBC, SQL, 5250 signon, and more.
  • System management - User profile creation, deletion, and amendment. Changing system values, powering down the system, password validation and more.

MNIS Solution

MNIS have developed our own application called EPI (Exit point Integrator). EPI is an exit point management tool with a complete suite of exit programs. Once EPI is installed all you need to decide on is which exit programs you want to enable and the action/s you want each to take. EPI also includes Google Authenticator functionality, meaning you can add Multi-Factor Authentication to your exit points.

EPI can use IBM’s exit point technology to detect access attempts to your systems and data. Using these exit programs you can determine whether to accept or deny access, log those decisions and trigger actions.

Key Features

Understand your existing setup

Understand Your Environment

Are you unsure on who is accessing your system and how? Perhaps you need greater visibility of who is using specific functions/features? Detailed logging will provide you with all the information you need.


Reduce IT Support Issues

Reduce IT Support Issues

 An easy-to-use interface enabling administrators to better follow security policies, resulting in a network that’s more secure, more likely to be compliant with regulatory requirements, and less vulnerable to threats.

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Cyber Security

Set up notifications to alert you should there be any unusual activity. Ensure that key business functions are locked down to just the individuals who require them.



Cost savings

Cost Savings

With automated alerting you don't need to have your staff pouring over logs every day. You can use Exit Points to automate certain tasks you'd normally need to perform manually, again saving time and money.


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