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Cyber Security - More important than ever

The security of your data and devices is critical to your business. We understand the importance of protecting emails, data and your hardware from cyber-attacks. Using a range of products, we can manage the security of your incoming and outgoing emails, the anti-virus and end point protection of your devices which in turn will protect your data.

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We partner with Bitdefender, a globally recognised market leader in antivirus and protection products. We can offer a tailor-made package, managed from a central location, to give you peace of mind that your systems and data is safe.

Bitdefender’s endpoint protection via the GravityZone managed portal means your business devices are protected from ransomware, virus attacks, trojans and many more types of infection. It has a fully configurable update schedule to ensure your defences keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

To read more about BitDefender services see our partner page.


Proofpoint logoFor increased email security we recommend ProofPoint Essentials. Benefit from increased anti-spam, anti-malware security, and sandboxing for suspicious links or attachments. Use data loss prevention features to avoid accidental leaks via email. 

If you want to go the extra mile, Security Awareness Training is available, along with simulated attacks. We can then review the results and offer bespoke suggestions for improving your security posture. 

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Of course with our experience in IBM Power Systems we appreciate that you might be looking for something more directed at that environment. For this we’ve partnered with Forta, formerly HelpSystems, who provide a number of solutions. Whether you’re looking for auditing, anti-virus, access control, encryption or a full suite we’re sure you’ll find what you need.

To read more about Forta services see our partner page.

EPI logoNew in 2021 MNIS are now providing our own Exit Point management solution for IBMi. Exit Point Integrator (EPI) will handle all your exit point needs, and also includes the option for Multi-Factor Authentication through our application IBMi Google Authenticator (iGAT).

You can read more about this offering, and get a free 30-day trial, by checking out its solutions page.




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We can manage the implementation of your chosen solution and then continue to manage and monitor your security via our managed portals allowing you to concentrate on your business.